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More than an online grocery, our mission is to deliver 100% real and unbiased facts about food, nutrition, and health and at the same time, deliver fresh produce from our local farmers straight to your doorsteps. Allowing city folk access to farm-to-table experiences in the comforts of home.

We collaborate with local farmers who struggle to get their fresh produce to the Metro safely, damaging the quality of the fruits and vegetables by carefully picking the produce ourselves, while handling distribution and logistics via our refrigerated trucks.

Happier farmers lead to fresher produce, and fresher produce leads to better health. Let us bridge the gap from the farm, to your table.

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Ron Poe

Got my veggies delivered from Fresh Produce. It's fresh and cheaper than most grocery stores. 6am already on my doorstep. Love it. Thank you!

Marc Nelson

Woohoo! Got my next day delivery from Fresh Produce Ph. Perfect during MECQ when you want to avoid the crazy crowds at the market nowadays.

Will Devaughn

I absolutely love fruit! I could live off them alone. Haha. Oh and all these were delivered straight to my doorstep. Not only can you order fruits but veggies, eggs, rice, etc. Hassle free!

Fresh Produce