About Us

What We Do
More than an online grocery, our mission is to deliver 100% accurate and unbiased facts about food, nutrition, and health and at the same time, deliver fresh produce from our local farmers straight to your doorsteps.

Allowing city folk access to fresher produce and real farm-to-table experiences in the comforts of home.

How we do it
1. Bridging the gap between local farmers from the province and potential customers from the city through our website.
2. Our team personally handpicks the fresh produce, then proceeds to take care of distribution and logistics.
3. Although we support all kinds of diets, we make a vow to educate our customers on what constitutes a healthy, well balanced diet by fact-based research which we release through our social media channels.

What We Believe In
Fresh Produce PH was born out of three concepts.
Things we've been hearing throughout our entire lives, but for us was only truly realized and solidified by the recent pandemic:
1. Health is wealth.
2. Different forms of media and advertising has skewed people's perceptions of nutrition and what a healthy diet is.
3. We emerge from life's challenges stronger, healthier, and happier when we help each other out. "

Fresh Produce